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Outlook Improves For Small Business Sector

With the ink still damp on the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, small business owners are already feeling more confident as this difficult year draws to a close.

Assessing the IT Plan for the New Year

Going into my second year as my company's security manager, I've been spending some time planning my next steps. Here's what I'll focus on for 2011.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Project Management Career

The key is to think about what the business needs from you.

Hire Green IT Managers Now, Forrester Urges

Infrastructure and operations leaders should be now investing in green IT managers, not more technology and process improvement, to maximize value, according to...

How to Add Depth to Your IT Team's Bench

The potential for losing tech talent is on the rise these days. Here's how to keep today's talent and groom tomorrow's players.

Big Projects, Done Small

All the incentives in business push for ever-bigger IT projects, but it's the small projects that succeed.

One Manager to Five Suppliers Is Ideal, Forrester Says

Successful vendor management requires organizations to have one manager for every five suppliers, according to Forrester.

H-1B: The Voices Behind the Visa

This article is part of our special report on the 20th anniversary of the H-1B visa, which also includes first-person accounts from five IT workers.

5 Tips for the New Tech Support Pro

Whether you're lending a friend a hand or supporting a small business with help desk skills, here's how to solve problems without breaking a sweat or hurting feelings.

Get VIP Treatment When You Buy for Your Small Business

You could be missing out on preferred treatment and better deals when shopping for tech gear for your company. Here are some special deals that seven big retailers offer small businesses.