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SugarSync recently rolled out a new-look interface with fancy new features. Is it enough to push the power-user's preferred cloud storage service over the top?

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Once a Kickstarter project, this pocket-friendly card can charge or sync an Android phone or iPhone.

Review: SuperSync merges iTunes libraries and more

SuperSync will sync all the iTunes libraries from your various devices and PCs as well as perform maintenance tricks like delete duplicates.

SportsSynch makes syncing radio and TV broadcasts easy

Synchronize local radio broadcasts with the picture on your TV using this handy audio delay utility.


Like some of its other competitors, SugarSync doesn't sync just one default folder among different computers. Instead, it lets you specify any of the folders on your various computers to be synced to the cloud.


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Need a new phone but dread making all those choices? Consumer Affairs Columnist Amber Bouman can help.

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Kindle App for the iPhone

Jealous of Kindle 2 owners? No need to be with the new Amazon Kindle for iPhone app, available free at Apple's App Store.


SugarSync File Sync Service

Great for photography buffs who also need file syncing, but less practical for the serious business user.