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File Your Tax Return From Your Smartphone

TurboTax makes filing taxes even easier.


Uncle Sam's Dumbest Tech Buys

The U.S. government has made some less-than-successful tech investments over the years, and that's to be expected from the law of averages. But these eight federal and state efforts are just stupid.

Quicken Gets a Web-Inspired Overhaul

The 2011 editions of Intuit's popular personal finance program sport many improvements inspired by Quicken's online sibling, But perhaps the biggest selling point is a huge increase in the number of financial institutions that let you download transaction data. Personal Finance

This great money-management app nevertheless lacks a few of’s best desktop features.


Funky Expenses Free

A handy and straightforward checkbook-balancing app.


Facebook as Popular as Filing Taxes - What?

Study finds that Facebook users have a low satisfaction rates compared to other major U.S. brands.

Beta Watch: Springpad, Xpenser, and Citrify

This month we look at a note taker, a receipt tracker, and an online photo editor.

Tax-Prep Sites: The Big Three Fight for Your 2009 Return

Intuit TurboTax, H&R Block at Home (formerly TaxCut), and Second Story Software's TaxAct all offer solid Web-based tax-prep services, with the pricing and the hand-holding options being the main differentiators.

Quicken 2010 Takes Cues from the Web

Even with Microsoft Money out of the picture, Quicken continues to improve--and offers solid value for those who prefer to track their personal finances with desktop software.

Quicken Online to Taste Like Mint

When the Intuit-Mint deal is finalized, Quicken Online will become a reskinned Mint.