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10 things about Bitcoin every consumer should know

While many in the Bitcoin community discredit the criticism against the currency, no interested party should dive into a Bitcoin engagement without knowing the facts.

Uptime slideshow (1)

Tech innovation not limited to Google's big showcase

On the exhibition floor at the Uptime Institute Symposium, I/O Data Centers showed software that lets a facilities manager navigate through a data center in virtual-reality fashion.


Technology patent trolls snubbed in Congress

Microsoft, the Consumer Electronics Association, and the Software Alliance back new legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that would do away with anonymous patents.

Underwater spy robot created by Virginia Tech researchers

The research is backed by the U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Office of Naval Research, which are looking for self-powering, autonomous robots to do underwater surveillance or to monitor the environment.


Neurogaming Expo

solar plane

Solar-powered plane takes off on two-month flight across US

A one-of-a-kind aircraft powered solely by solar energy took to the skies above Silicon Valley early Friday morning on the first leg of a planned trip across the U.S.

Supercomputer dedicated that is fastest one owned by a college

Indiana University's Big Red II is a Cray-built machine, which uses both GPU-enabled and standard CPU compute nodes to deliver a petaflop of max performance.

Gender gap? In tech salaries, it's all gone, Dice reports

Since 2009, pay has been equal for men and women with equivalent levels of experience, education, and job titles, the careers site says.


Google licenses video codec from MPEG LA to bolster VP8

Patents management company MPEG LA announced agreements with Google, granting the Internet giant a license to techniques that may be essential to the VP8 video codec that the Internet giant backs.


Tech advice for your new smartphone, tablet or computer

A one-stop shop that includes help for finding great apps and key accessories, and instructions on how to safely dispose of your old devices.


High-tech 2012: The 10 biggest news events of the year

From epic hardware launches to ugly lawsuits to continued disruption in social media and the cloud, 2012 was a very busy year for consumer technology.