Don't-Miss Stories

New iPad: 4G No More (Sort Of)

Apple has stopped calling the new iPad "4G-capable" after regulators cracked down on its U.S.-only capability to connect to high-speed LTE networks. Look for the "Wi-Fi + Cellular" iPad in some markets now.


Microsoft Pledges to Go Carbon Neutral in July

After reducing its carbon footprint for several years, Microsoft plans to be carbon neutral from from the start of its next fiscal year.

Open Source Cloud Project Backers Duking It out for Support

The reality is that both OpenStack and CloudStack are both still so young neither side has more momentum than the other, says Luke Kanies, CEO of Puppet Labs.


Extend Your Wireless Network

Crazy4laptops needs to extend a WiFi network throughout a "rather long house." He asked the Networking forum for advice.

Google Revamps Google+ for iPhone: Android OS Gets Cold Shoulder

iPhone users get first crack at Google's updated Google+ social networking app, while Android customers will have to wait weeks.


With BlackBerry 10 On The Horizon RIM Launches Last-Generation Curve 9320

RIM's latest Curve 9320 is a hard sell with the BlackBerry 10 coming soon and so many decent entry-level phones available with beefier specs.


T-Mobile: iPhone Will Be Network-Ready by End of 2012

The wireless carrier hopes to have iPhone 3G support in major markets by the fourth quarter, with a 4G LTE network launch in 2013.

Passpoint, Wi-Fi Alliance's Automatic Hotspot Login, Coming this Summer

Passpoint promises to put an end to the annoying process of logging in to public hotspots through browser-based splash screens.

Google's Self-Driving Car Licensed to Hit Nevada Streets

Google's modified Toyota Prius was given the thumbs up after successful test drives in Carson City and on the Las Vegas strip.


12 Cool, Creative, and Just Plain Weird Gadget Concepts

Take a gander at a dozen delightful concept designs for tomorrow's smartphones, laptops, gaming devices and more.