Don't-Miss Stories

Samsung Sets Launch Date For Galaxy S III Smartphone

Samsung sent out media invites to a launch event on May 3 in London, where the company is expected to introduce the Galaxy S III.

Internet Explorer, Windows Phone Due Updates This Year

A leaked Microsoft roadmap reveals a 2013 launch target for Office 15, and other update plans and schedules.

Fenway Park Goes High-Tech at 100

A question-and-answer session with Steve Conley, IT director for the Boston Red Sox, about the ballpark's use of Metro Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and more.

Titanic: A High-tech Marvel of the Time

When the Titanic set sail 100 years ago this month, its state-of-the-art technology included the advanced wireless of the early 20th century.

The Case for Prepaid Smartphones: How to Cut the Contract and Save

Prepaid smartphones were once both lower-cost and lower-quality, but lately they're becoming a viable alternative for many users.


Nokia Lumia 900 Bug Nixes Data Connections

Some of Nokia's Lumia 900 phones, which launched on April 8, are having trouble connecting to AT&T's data network.

AT&T Starts Unlocking iPhones: Customers Gripe Over Long Delays

AT&T says unlocking your phone should take "minutes", but many (including me) are being told the actual wait is up to eight days.

India Gets 4G With Airtel Launching Services

India got its first 4G service with the country's largest mobile services provider Bharti Airtel launching services Tuesday based on the TD-LTE technology.

Fifth-Generation Wi-Fi Is Coming: Are You Ready for 802.11ac?

We’re on the verge of the biggest change in wireless networking since 2007. Fifth-generation Wi-Fi technology promises to deliver faster-than-cable speed--without the cables.

Google Glasses All Hype or Reality?

Defying the critics, consumers remain optimistic and hopeful that Google augmented reality glasses are coming soon.