Don't-Miss Stories

Three Futuristic Products You'll Never Own

You are unlikely to ever buy or use flying cars, augmented reality glasses and virtual reality computers.


Ten Ways Your Smartphone Knows Where You Are

Most people have embraced location-based services without thinking about dangers such as service providers handing over location data in lawsuits or hackers stealing it from app vendors.

Sprint Set to Offer Cure for Poor Wireless Voice Quality

Sprint this week said that its new HTC Evo 4G LTE smartphone, along with future phones, will support HD voice.

Google Co-founder Spotted Wearing Google Glasses Prototype

Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing a prototype of Google Project Glass eyewear, prompting some to believe it may not be long before the augmented reality spectacles become commercially available.

Netgear N600 Wireless Router, $78 is selling the dual-band Netgear N600 wireless router for only $78, with free shipping.

5 Important Facts About Near-Field Communications

Using NFC as a "digital wallet" for payments is quick and easy for consumers, but the technology still faces some major security issues.

Tricorder Goes Open Source

Alert Dr. McCoy: A designer posts the specs for two models of tricorders, capable of an impressive assortment of sensor arrays.


10 New Tech Ailments

With all of the new physical and mental maladies following in the wake of technological advances, how's a hypochondriac supposed to keep up? Here are ten recently discovered conditions that you might not even know you have.


iPhone 4 Antenna Settlement: Some Can Collect $15

iPhone 4 class action settlement site ready to dispense cash to users who experienced antenna issues.

New Plastic Mimics Skin's Ability to Bleed, Heal

When scratched or cracked, the plastic turns red at the damaged area and then heals when exposed to light or significant changes in ambient temperature or pH.