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FCC moves to expand mobile spectrum

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission took the first step Friday toward groundbreaking auctions of television spectrum to mobile carriers faced with skyrocketing bandwidth demands from their customers.


Tech shares up for Q3, but face uncertainty

Though market analysts have cut forecasts for global IT spending this year, they still expect overall increases.

New bill attempts to curb Big Brother’s ability to snoop and squelch free speech online

An ECPA reform act and a Global Free Internet Act aim to protect online innovation, user privacy, and free speech.

Data centers are big polluters, report says

Review shows huge numbers for an industry that often puts forth an image of environmental friendliness.

Kickstarter introduces new guidelines, requires project creators to mention risks

Kickstarter is afraid of being seen as a "store," rather than a crowd-funding platform for projects that haven't yet come to fruition.


internet archive

Internet Archive collects, streams TV news archives

The Internet Archive is adding a section called TV News Search & Borrow that stores 1000 national news shows and 350,000 individual programs dating back to 2009.

Intel unveils all-in-one desktop that doubles as a 27-inch tablet

The Adaptive All-In-One's display panel weighs 14 pounds.


Smartphones explosion sheds light on enterprise mobility evolution

Most of the new phones support 4G/LTE cellular connectivity, providing a much bigger, always available, wireless data pipe at least for those subscribers who want it.

Intel's lowered revenue projections bad sign for PC industry

It's another hit for an industry that has been repeatedly hammered by the growing popularity of small, cool tablets and several years of a slow economy.


tether guide

The ultimate Android tethering guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about tethering on your Android phone.