Don't-Miss Stories

Mobile Shopping Still Awaits Security

Analysis: Customers won't come until they're confident that waving their banking app at a point of sale terminal won't open their account to wireless thieves.

4K TVs, Hybrid Tablets Top Trends at IFA in Berlin

Smartphones, large TVs, ultraportable hybrids and other new gadgets make their debut, but getting on board with some of these new trends comes at a cost.

Intel Chips to Support Wireless Charging by 2014

The chipmaker may offer an alternative technology to the Qi standard supported by the Wireless Power Consortium.

Finally! It's About Time to Reconsider FAA Gadget Guidelines

The rationale for shutting down electronic devices was proven false years ago. It's time to change the FAA in-flight gadget rules.

Iris Smart Kit: A Basic and Affordable Introduction to Home Automation

In part 2 of our series on easy home automation projects for the weekend warrior, we look at the Iris system from Lowes.


The Latest and Best in Car Tech

Automakers are appealing to car buyers with new in-vehicle technology like LTE, digital rearview mirrors, useful apps, and advanced telematics systems.


How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network

Tips and tricks to boost your wireless network range at home or in the office.

Verizon Spectrum Deal Approved by FCC With Conditions

UPDATE: The amount of wireless spectrum Verizon, T-Mobile, and other companies hold directly affects the speed, reach and strength of wireless service that can be offered to consumers.

Wi-Fi Alliance Starts Certifying Tunnel Technology for Better Wireless Performance

Tunneled Direct Link Setup can improve performance for applications such as media streaming.

Mars Rock-Zapping Laser Explained

ChemCam can look at rocks and soils from a distance, fire a laser to vaporize the materials, and analyze them with an on-board spectrograph that measures the composition of the resulting plasma.