Don't-Miss Stories

Apple Patents Hint of iPhone Equipped with NFC

Near Field Communication technology could enable a future iPhone to act as a Universal Remote Control for cameras, game consoles, thermostats, and more.

Predictive Analytics Might Not have Predicted the Aurora Shooter

Could aggressive data mining by law enforcement prevent heinous crimes, such as the recent mass murder in Aurora, Colorado, by catching killers before they can act?


Tech Turns London Olympics Audience into a Gigantic TV Screen

Each audience member waved a ten-inch paddle outfitted with nine full-color LCD squares to work together to broadcast images.


3 Ways to Add Broadband to Your Mobile Devices

If you have a tablet or laptop that only has Wi-Fi, there are several ways you can add 3G/4G service.

Google Glass Horror Stories From Your Privacy-Free Future

Google's stylish augmented reality glasses may extend the company's powerful reach from the digital world into the real world, with some alarming implications.


Maybe It Is Easy Being Green

IT professionals implementing energy efficient solutions in the data center are realizing big savings, and many report it has been easier to do than they thought it would be.

Tech's Center of Gravity Shifts North to San Francisco

Fast-growing tech firms are shunning Silicon Valley for San Francisco to help them attract new talent

Apple's Green Flub Adds to Its Checkered Record

A misstep this week in regard to EPEAT participation reminds that Apple and environmentalists have clashed many times.


Apple Admits Mistake, Says It's Back in EPEAT

UPDATE: In a rare admission of error, Apple said Friday that it's back in good environmental standing.

Sprint Cripples Galaxy S III Via ‘Security Update’: Bye, Bye Universal Search

Sprint is reportedly removing a universal search feature on Samsung Galaxy S III handsets via a "Security Update" in an effort to squelch a patent battle with Apple.