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Apple's EPEAT Withdrawal Raises Recycling, Disassembly Concerns

Apple's decision to withdraw products from the EPEAT standard it helped implement has raised concerns among industry observers and environmentalists.

Shanghai Company Sues Apple Over Siri for Alleged Patent Infringement

Apple has become the target of another lawsuit in China, this time because of its Siri technology.


Amazon Preps Kindle Smartphone to Battle Apple, Say Reports

Talk of an Amazon phone has been circulating since the online retailer began selling smartphone apps for Android phones in early 2011, but now reports say Amazon is talking with manufacturers.


Olympus Follows Google Glass with Wearable Display Prototype

The MEG4.0 clips on to standard eyeglasses and projects a 320-by-240 QVGA display right in front of your eyes.


Google Glass Launches New Age of Personal Computing

If Google's latest computing plan stays on track, the definition of a computer could broaden significantly.

GPS Alternative Developed By Defense Firm BAE Systems

The technology is being touted as a replacement for current technologies that rely on a relatively weak satellite signal that is vulnerable to disruption.

Wi-Fi Performance Boosted From RF Technology Advances

There's now a whole family of multi-antenna techniques that can be employed to achieve RF performance gains in Wi-Fi.

Google Glasses Link Virtual, Real Worlds

Glasses reportedly will ship to consumers about a year after the prototype Explorer Edition makes its way to developers.


Analysis: Verizon 'Share Everything' Plans a Mixed Bag for Consumers

Starting on June 28, all new Verizon customers will have a single data plan for all their wireless devices. But the devil is in the details.


Smartphones and Laptops: New Ways to Pair Them

Soon, your mobile devices will work in harmony. Here's a look at the burgeoning simpatico relationship between smartphones and laptops.