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How We Test Cell Phones

We evaluate battery life, keyboards, software and more to determine which handsets are the best.


World Tech Update: Robots, Nintendo, and the Woz

Students build and compete with homemade robots, Nintendo ships its 100 millionth DS, Woz does the cha-cha, and more...


Overclocked Mega Gaming PCs

The Falcon NorthWest Mach V and Hardcore Computer's Reactor are two of the fastest and most interesting overclocked gaming desktops we've ever seen at PC World.

iPhone 3G Torture Tests

In our second annual iPhone Stress Tests, Senior Editor Tim Moynihan applied a serious beating to the Apple iPhone 3G using keys, breakfast cereal, water, dish soap, and city sidewalks.

Take a Tour of PC World's Test Center

Test Center Director Jeff Kuta takes you on a guided tour of our Test Center, explaining PC World's processes and testing procedures.

iPhone Fails Stress Test

A three-foot drop cracks one iPhone's glass screen. Find out what you can do if it happens to you.


Rules for PC World's Digital Focus Photo Contest

Hot Pic of the Week details, rules, and legal mumbo jumbo.