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google voice hangouts

Google Voice integration starts appearing in Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts users will soon be able to send text messages from their Google Voice numbers.

pushbullet android

PushBullet adds universal copy and paste across Windows, Android

The newest update to PushBullet lets you copy text on a Windows PC and paste it to an Android phone or tablet.


texting primary

FCC requires text-to-911 from carriers, apps

The commission votes to require mobile carriers and texting apps to adopt text-to-911 functionality

text app primary

Texting apps for business users

End-to-end encryption, forensic wiping, and other features make these texting tools ready for professional use.

“Text Stops” Give New York Drivers a Place to Safely LOL

The state of New York is taking a page from airports across the nation and installing “Text Stops” – spots for drivers to pull over and read or send text messages - throughout the state, in an effort to curb an epidemic of drivers who continue to text behind the wheel.

hellosms primary

Why Hello SMS offers the best texting experience on Android

With a minimalist interface and some smart features, Hello SMS is king of Android texting apps.


Spying digital

Future of secure messenger in doubt after Pirate Bay arrest

Collegues said they don't know how Peter Sunde's arrest will affect the development of Hemlis

airdroid primary

4 Android apps that put SMS on your desktop

Text faster, look like you're busy, and remote-control your phone in amazing ways with these apps and services.


mightytext pro logo

MightyText's amazing app for texting from a PC or tablet rolls out 'Pro' features

$30 per year service adds bulk messaging, scheduled messaging and more.

How Twilio’s new photo messaging service may soon save you $20 a month

As mobile app users increasingly turn from text-based messaging systems to more visual ones, skyrocketing startup Twilio is jumping onto that trend by adding photo messaging services to its offerings.