Don't-Miss Stories

Werner Herzog’s latest film is an anti texting-and-driving PSA

Acclaimed German director Werner Herzog teamed up with AT&T to create a gutpunch of a PSA about the consequences of texting while driving.



Nerd art: Grad's 'Prism' program turns your SMS metadata into groovy wavy graphics

What if the NSA took your text message metadata and made a flowing, colorful diagram with a timeline?


TextGen logo

Get text messages, voice calls, and chat on your company's landline

TextGen’s cloud-based service turns any phone number into a powerful and versatile customer communication platform.

Improv group comes to rescue of texting pedestrians with Seeing-Eye People

The scene-making Improv Everywhere troupe releases a pair of videos that pokes fun at people who can't take their eyes off their texting devices even while navigating busy streets in New York City. Improv Everywhere's solution for safeguarding oblivious walking/texting zombies: Seeing-eye People.


Unhand that phone! Texting tools for the big screen

Stop peering at that teeny screen and fumbling with Lilliputian keyboards. These five PC desktop texting apps and services let your fingers fly, your eyes relax, and your thoughts flow.

US DOT: Auto makers should disable in-dash electronics when cars are moving

Automobile makers should prevent drivers from using their in-vehicle electronic devices to browse the Internet and send text messages while their vehicles are moving, the U.S. Department of Transportation has recommended.


Review: Mysms works with Android or iPhone to let you text from your PC

Although mysms's compatibililty with both Android and iPhone is appealing, its PC component is awkward.

Review: BrowserTexting works fine for SMS in a browser, but so do free options

Two-part solution BrowserTexting lets Android phone owners text from a desktop browser. It works nicely, but it lacks anything to make this $10 product better than free competitors.

Review: DeskSMS doesn't rise above the other desktop texting apps

If you use an Android phone and want to text from your desktop, DeskSMS will do the job. However, others do it cheaper and more prettily.