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Hulu Plus Makes Its Way Onto TiVo Premiere DVRs

TiVo Premiere owners can now stream Hulu on their set-top boxes--providing they sign up for Hulu Plus.


Your DVR is Safe: Dish Network Pays $500 Million to Tivo

Seven years of Dish-TiVo lawsuits are finally over with a huge payout to Tivo.


2011 Innovations Awards Honorees: Home Entertainment

Looking to transform your home into an entertainment multiplex? Get to know some of the best HDTVs, games, media streamers, home-networking products, and entertainment gear that earned high honors in the 2011 CES Innovations Awards.


TiVo’s New Pricing: Cheaper and Pricier – and Definitely More Confusing

TiVo is responding to competition from Apple TV, Roku and others with a holiday offer that brings the price of a TiVo box from $299.99 down to $99.99, except the offer isn't as simple as that.


21 Signs You've Been Spoiled Rotten by Technology

Do you complain loudly if the Wi-Fi on the airplane fizzles out? Gripe if a YouTube stream falters? Own an HDTV bigger than your couch? If so, you might be spoiled by technology. Read on for more warning signs.

How New Technology Is Rewiring Our Brains

Touchscreens. TiVo. The Undo button. These new technologies and others have changed the way we interact with the world.


Podcast: Apple Sues HTC, and TiVo Gets New Tricks

This week, listen in to hear about Apple's legal attack on HTC and about the new TiVo Series 4 DVRs.


TiVo's Patent Win: What It Means For You

Echostar scrambles to find a workaround for the "multimedia time warping system" that the courts say is TiVo's property.


Can TiVo Premiere Give Blockbuster a Boost?

TiVo's new Series 4 Premiere box brings on-demand movie rentals front and center. For a company like Blockbuster, that change could make a significant difference.


What TiVo Series 4 Premiere Is Missing

The TiVo Series 4 model is more evolution than revolution. For its next incarnation, TiVo will need better bells and whistles.