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First Look: TiVo DVR-SuperAdvance

TiVo's innovative technology might be the company's slickest solution yet, but network politics and legal wrangling will keep most customers on the sidelines.


Blockbuster Copies Netflix, Heads to TiVo

The newest video-on-demand service will be available on TiVo's Series 2 and Series 3 DVRs in the second half of the 2009.


Program Your TiVo Via Text Message

Forgot to record a show? Send a text message from your phone and Kwiry will come to the rescue.


TiVo’s Cool New Video Search

New system makes it easier to find content from different sources and to search in new ways.


It's Like Slingbox Crossed with TiVo

Unlike the Slingbox, Hava can transmit TV content over a wireless (802.11g) network.


TiVo Debuts TV-Powered Pizza Ordering -- So What's Next?

Domino's Pizza teams with Tivo to create a couch potato's dream service. You will soon be able to order pizza through TiVo.

Netflix and TiVo Team Up

TiVo users will be able to watch Netflix movies in their living room.


What I've Learned Writing 'Gadget Freak'

The best gadgets are both simple and elegant, and they change your life in ways you don't expect.

Add a Second Hard Drive to Your TiVo

Tired of having to erase old shows from your TiVo's puny hard drive? Hack your Tivo by slapping on a massive external drive.


5 Cool Hacks for Your Entertainment Gadgets

Add external storage to your TiVo, beef up your Xbox 360, rip DVDs to your media player, play your iTunes purchases on any device, and use your standard cable remote to skip commercials.