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What Happens When You Get ‘Throttled’?

When your wireless company applies the choke hold, it doesn’t feel good. We intentionally exhausted our T-Mobile monthly service allowance and then looked at the download speeds that the carrier gave us afterward.

AT&T to Appeal Ruling in Throttling Case

The company’s move is no surprise: Half of its smartphone users -- about 17 million customers -- are on so-called unlimited plans and it could find itself in a legal nightmare if other customers win similar cases.

From 'Faux-G' to 4G: T-Mobile Announces LTE Network Plan

True to form, the small carrier is late to the next-gen wireless party, targeting its 4G launch for 2013. T-Mobile customers--if they stay around long enough--should benefit.

Upgrade Insanity: Why There Are Too Many Smartphones--and How That Hurts Consumers

You pay $200 for what you think is the best smartphone available; then a few months later the same manufacturer releases a similar phone with much better specs. There has to be a better way.


Free HTC myTouch 4G Slide Phone With New T-Mobile Account

Best Buy Mobile Solutions is offering the HTC myTouch 4G Slide for free with activation of a new T-Mobile account.

UPDATE: Google Wallet Security Concerns Raised

Security firm Zvelo has discovered that the Google Wallet PIN, which is required of users to confirm purchases made with their phones, can be cracked via an exhaustive numerical search.


Smartphone Data Shake-Up: The End of 'Unlimited' Plans

Unlimited data is only a memory for most smartphone users. What has the shift toward tiered plans really meant for our wallets?

T-Mobile Caters to Small Business With Square and More

T-Mobile launched a slew of initiatives aimed at attracting small and medium business customers to make the switch to its wireless service.

Tethering: A Quirky Conundrum

Using your phone for a computer connection is very expensive, or it's free -- depending on your carrier; and it could change.

T-Mobile and Walmart Stretch Meaning of 'Unlimited' With Cheap Family Plans

T-Mobile and Walmart are bragging about new unlimited phone plans--that aren't really unlimited.