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Toshiba Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Has Promise

Toshiba’s self-encrypting hard drive offers robust security features, yet it may be overkill for small businesses.

Best Buy Debuts Exclusive ‘Blue Label’ Laptops

Best Buy launches Sony and Toshiba notebooks that are exclusive to the retail giant and attempt to mirror its customers' needs.


Toshiba's New Self-Erasing Hard Drives: The Ultimate in Data Security

When one of these intelligent hard disk drives is connected to an unknown host, it can erase itself, or a variety of other protective functions.

Toshiba Releases Self-Wiping Hard Drives

In an effort to keep sensitive data from prying eye, Toshiba today announced a new family of hard disk drives that can erase data when connected to an unknown host.

Toshiba Introduces Svelte Tecra and Portege Laptops

Toshiba's new Tecra and Portege business class laptops are thinner and lighter than their predecessors.


Toshiba Mini NB305-N600: Style Over Substance

This high-end Toshiba netbook boasts good looks and decent battery life, but its poor performance and uninspired hardware specs don't justify its price premium over competitors.

Great Accessories for Your Android Tablets

Here's a roundup of accessories for your favorite Android tablets, including the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the RIM PlayBook, and the Toshiba Tablet. Why let iPad owners have all the fun?

Is Google Being Anal about Android OS?

Is Google becoming more Apple-like as it asks for prior approval for Android software tweaks?


Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7106: Large and Affordable, but Slow for Its Class

This bargain desktop replacement may be enough laptop for most users.

Toshiba Mini NB505-508GN: Your Garden Variety Netbook

This nice-looking netbook has better-than-average input ergonomics, but a bloated software configuration.