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Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch: laptop meets tablet

Dell's cleverly designed XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook functions as both a laptop and a tablet. It's heavy for the size, but a good performer with a great display.

windows 8

The one thing Windows 8 desktops really need

There is a wide variety of Windows 8 desktops coming to market, but they are all missing the one thing they really need to work effectively with the new OS.

Fingerprints everywhere! Are we ready for 400 million dirty Windows 8 touchscreens?

With the arrival of Windows 8, legions of desktop PC users will encounter dirtier displays than they've ever seen before. Are users ready for touchscreen desktops?

The Windows 8 UI: How do interface and usability experts rate all the changes?

The Windows 8 user interface has received significant criticism for being unintuitive and difficult to navigate. Are the barbs legit, or do long-time Windows users just hate change? We asked usability experts for answers.


Next-gen touchpads respond to pressure

Researchers at the User Interface Software Technology conference demonstrated unique projects that took advantage of a new, pressure-sensitive Synaptics "forcepad" that could debut in ultrabooks as soon as next year.


Next-Generation Laptop Touch Keyboards and Touchpads on Their Way From Synaptics

Slim Ultrabooks may be able to slim down even more if this technology is adopted.


New Microsoft Mice, Keyboards Accent Mobility

The touch-responsive hardware is designed for use with Windows 8 and tablets.

Microsoft Gets Touchy With Mouse Gestures for Windows 8

In its latest support for touch input, Microsoft unveils a set of gesture commands and associated hardware designed to make it easier to get around Windows 8 with a mouse.


Microsoft Closes Perceptive Pixel Deal

The company's large, touch displays are expected to boost Microsoft's collaboration products like Lync.

AirPlay Speakers You Can Actually Buy

AirPlay-enabled speaker systems are finally widely available.