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Windows 7: The Touch Revolution — Or Not

Integrating touchscreen technology into the OS sounds revolutionary -- until you try to use it.

Motorola Launches the Cliq Android Phone

Motorola's Cliq is a touchscreen phone that's being targeted at users of social networking services.

Nokia N97's Multimedia Features Sabotaged by a Clunky OS

The Nokia N97 packs some impressive specs and multimedia features, but they aren't integrated as well as other smartphones on the market.

Macworld Releases AppGems for iPhone

Too many iPhone apps to choose from? Having a hard time finding the good ones? Let the Macworld editors suggest great apps for you.

Canon Updates SD PowerShots for the Fall

A real fast look at two new Canon PowerShots, the touchscreen SD980 IS and the SD940 IS.


Video: Multi-touch Coming to Firefox

A Mozilla Foundation intern provides a glimpse at what a multi-touch Firefox could be like.


The Touch-Screen Grows Up Before Our Eyes

Remember when you thought your first Palm Pilot was the coolest device ever? Touch-screens have evolved light-years since then.

Smartphone Palooza: 10 Hot Touchscreens Compared

Curious how today’s latest touchscreen smartphones compare? With 10 popular models to choose from, it’s hard to keep track. But our charts will help you find the perfect touchscreen phone.


Dell to Make iPod Touch-like Gadget

Dell hopes to bust into the mobile Internet device market with an iPod Touch-like device. Does it stand a chance?


The $20,050 Video Game

Want to play war games like some evil mastermind? All you need is this touch table...and a game coming out early next year.