Don't-Miss Stories

Windows 7 Will Ship with Very Cool Multitouch Software

Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is a set of games and applications optimized for multitouch PCs.


HTC Touch Cruise (Unlocked)

The HTC Touch Cruise has a svelte design and gorgeous interface, but suffers from slow performance.


The iPod Touch Goes to War

The "funnest iPod ever" gets serious as it marches into active duty in Middle East.


Sony Unveils High-End Walkman Players

Sony has launched a new model at the top of its Walkman family, the NW-X1000.


CTIA Recap and Nintendo GameBoy DSi On PC World Podcast Episode 24

PC World Editors Robert Strohmeyer, Denny Arar, Darren Gladstone and Ginny Mies join in a lively discussion about the CTIA conference and the Nintendo GameBoy DSi

Apple to Bulk Up iPhone Storage, Says Report

There are signs Apple is readying a line of larger capacity iPhones and iPod Touches. According to reports Apple has nearly doubled its orders for NAND Flash memory.

GDC 2009: Dexter (and Other Games) For Your iPhone

At the Game Developers Conference 2009, we saw a demo of the new iPhone game based on Showtime's Dexter TV series, as well a slew of other iPhone apps.


The HTC Touch Cruise Smartphone: Featherlight and Unlocked

The HTC Touch Cruise has a featherlight design and attractive user interface, but its performance can be slow.

Another Way to Fix a Troublesome Touchpad

Tired of your thumb accidentally brushing the touchpad? Here's a simple fix that doesn't require mucking around with system settings.

The Sleek HTC S743 Smartphone

The HTC S743 has one of the best hardware keyboards we've seen, but is held back by uneven call quality.