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One Ultraportable, Many Ways to Interact

Our concept for a truly flexible, convertible laptop, packed with features.


The Sexy iRiver Spinn MP3 Player

The iRiver Spinn MP3 is an innovative music player with an eye-catching design and a unique navigation system.


A Digital Photo Frame That Goes Beyond Image

Our mashup of the perfect digital photo frame pulls from the parts bins of many different manufacturers.


Asus Aims for Tablet PC Revival

Will the Eee PC T91, with its small form factor and swiveling touchscreen, breathe new life into the tablet PC market?

Big Boost for IPod Touch Browser Share

Strong sales or off-work holidays may be the cause for post-Christmas Eve surge.

Stop Accidental Touchpad Touches While Typing

Tired of ruining your document because your thumb grazed the touchpad? There may be an easy fix.

Trend-Setting HTC Touch Diamond

HTC's Touch Diamond smart phone is a snazzy new device that features an attractive UI: HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface and it looks set to be a hit this fall.


The 10 Most Overrated Products

Hype springs eternal. Lots of technologies, products, and services don't merit the praise heaped on them. Here are 10 tech items that don't live up to their billing--and 10 that deserve respect that they don't receive.

HTC Touch Diamond Smart Phone

HTC's compact smart phone offers a compelling feature set and attractive design, though with a few annoyances.


Apple's Newest iPods

With slimmer form-factors, greater storage, and more competitive pricing, the iPod product line has been revamped for the holidays.