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Game Changers: 12 Technologies That Changed Everything

New tech crops up daily, but only the rare breakthroughs really change our lives. Here are a dozen advances that transformed our world.

4 Reasons Apple's Magic Trackpad Won't Kill the Mouse

Is Apple trying to kill the computer mouse with its Magic Trackpad? Maybe, but here are four reasons why the mouse is here for the long haul.


iBuyPower's Armada MT20X: Touch Me!

The Armada MT20X adds touch capability to standard Windows gaming, but frame rate issues hobble this otherwise intriguing gaming laptop.

Deals of the Week

This week, our bargain roundup includes an HTC Evo 4G smartphone, a Mitsubishi HDTV, a TomTom GPS, and more.


Archos 7 Tablet Takes Fun Out of Android

With a spate of more capable Android tablets on the way to market, it's tough to recommend this reasonably priced but hard-to-operate early entrant.


Multitouch Devices: Ergonomic Nightmare?

Researchers are studying whether multitouch devices cause physical stress.


Synaptics Trackpad Accepts Four-Finger Gestures

The new TouchPad-IS takes gesture commands to new levels, giving the Mac Trackpad a new challenger.


Install a Touchscreen in Your Netbook

Tired of your netbook's tiny touchpad? Here's how to install a touchscreen.


Samsung Gets Touchy With New All-In-One PC's

New multitouch all-in-one Samsung PCs are headed to UK retail chains later this month.


With Bumptop, Google Gains Multi-Touch Ammo

Google's purchase of BumpTop gets the search giant important multitouch patents along with very cool 3D desktop technology.