Don't-Miss Stories

Will the iPad be Jailbroken at Launch?

An iPhone hacker says his newest jailbreak tool will work on the iPad when it ships.


HP Mini 5102: A Good, but Expensive, Netbook for Business

The design of the HP Mini 5102 is great for business users, but the high price doesn't buy you extra performance.

Google's Nexus One Warms Up to AT&T 3G

The AT&T-friendly Nexus One is currently the coolest Android phone that’ll run on that carrier — and it almost rivals the iPhone for general sex appeal.


Gateway's ZX4800 All-in-One PC: A Solid Family Media Center

Gateway's $750 ZX4800 all-in-one PC has decent specs, a snappy multi-touch 20-inch screen, and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Windows Phone 7: New, Useful and Very Likable

A brief hands-on encounter makes me more hopeful that Microsoft is bringing real, useful innovation to the me-too mobile market.

Microsoft Courier: Hardware or Vaporware?

Until Microsoft says something about its cool dual-screen concept tablet, it’s tough to know which rumors to believe.


CeBIT 2010: Mega Tech Show, Day One

CeBIT is Europe’s biggest tech confab running from March 2 to 6. Here is a look at some of the first products and sights from the show floor.

This Week In Geek: Mobile Hacks, Power Concepts, and Hands-On Computing

This week in geek saw Android being hacked on Windows Mobile devices, self-ejecting power outlets, and a hands-on computing experience or two.


Disable Your Laptop's Touchpad While You Type

If you're encountering weird cursor behavior, it's probably the result of accidental touchpad touches. A free utility may help.

Nexus One Gets Multi-Touch, but No Droid Love?

It's great that at least one more Android phone is getting pinch-to-zoom gestures, but it's unclear whether Google could ever add multi-touch to older phones.