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Deals of the Week

Save big on a Sony DSLR, a features-packed Magellan GPS, an unlocked Nokia Smartphone, and more.


Digital Demolition: Four Styles of Cell Phones Put to the Test

In the fourth episode of Digital Demolition, Chris and Sarah try to determine which type of phone is the most robust.

MSI Displays Dual-screen Touch-enabled Netbooks

MSI has unveiled two prototype dual-screen netbooks, one with dual 7-inch touchscreens and another with two 10-inch touchscreens.


The Impressive Que eReader and HP's First Touch Netbook

A look at Plastic Logic's QUE eReader and HP's first touchscreen netbook, the HP Mini 5102.

A Slew of New Android Phones Appear at CES

We take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Spica, LG's GT540, and the innovative Motorola Backflip.

Ford Sync: And They Say Texting Is Dangerous?

Call me a Luddite, but the auto industry's plan to turn motor vehicles into rolling, Web-connected laptops sounds a little dangerous.


Apple Patent Reveals Work on Improved Mobile Touch Screen

A recently released Apple patent application hints at how the company is developing improved multi-touch screens for mobile devices, including iPhones and Macbooks.


HP Unveils Touch Netbook, Plans to Show Tablet at CES

HP and Microsoft are co-developing the 'Courier' tablet PC, to be revealed during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote speech at CES this evening.

The Secret to Apple iPod Touch's Success: Kids

New data on the popularity of the iPod Touch suggests the device is a gateway gadget to the iPhone.


HP's TouchSmart 300: A Versatile All-in-One Media-Centric PC

HP's TouchSmart 300 All-in-One touchscreen PC has some very attractive features, including the company's TouchSmart software that provides full-screen widgets to access music, video, Netflix, Twitter, and other services.