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Adobe Touch Apps Promise Creative Power for Android Tablets

These six new apps from Adobe expand graphics creation and editing for Android tablets, while integrating with Creative Suite desktop software.

Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstation

Touchscreen PCs have quietly arrived at a price most businesses can afford. Here's why your business should make the leap from the traditional desktop PC.

HP TouchSmart 620 Adds 3D to an All-in-One PC

HP's TouchSmart 620 3D Edition all-in-one PC boasts upgraded specs, a Blu-ray player, a TV tuner, and a sliding design that lets you use it as a massive tablet.


HP Goes 3D with Touchscreen PC, Monitor

The Touchsmart 620 3D is designed to let users "create and consume" 3D, while $299 2311gt is offered as a 3D monitor for the masses.

Microsoft Video Predicts Dazzling Technology Future

It's hard to imagine the average person shelling out the kind of cash it would take to buy super smart appliances, the latest intelligent car, or an range of interactive computing devices.


Apple Patents New Multitouch, 3-D Gestures

The innovation could support a gesture-based video editing toolbar for the iPad, previously the stuff of science fiction.


OmniTouch Turns Everything Into a Touchscreen

From table tops to the tips of your shoes, Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University want you to be able to touch them all.


Microsoft PocketTouch Lets You Use Your Phone Through Fabric

Microsoft says its prototype allows people to perform multitouch gestures on their smartphone while it's still in their pocket.

Intel Pushes the Swivel Tablet

The chipmaker goes a step beyond the slab tablet with its Ultrabook campaign, but the concept has both history and existing competition.

Sony Cyber-shot TX55: The Reinvention of Digital Zoom?

The superslim TX55 offers a new take on digital zoom, using an in-camera pixel-matching database that purportedly retains image sharpness and resolution.