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Casio Tryx: A Genre-Straddling Camera

The shape-shifting Tryx offers good overall performance. It's a hard gadget to classify, but it works best when you use its form-twisting capability, due to awkward ergonomics when employing it as you would a normal camera.


How to Clean Your Smartphone

Keeping your phone clean can prolong its life--follow these tips to keep it looking and performing like new.


Samsung SH100: Brilliant In-Camera Features for a Bargain Price

With an array of wireless sharing and remote-control options, the Samsung SH100 has a very generous feature set for a $200 camera. But it's mainly for young, casual shooters, due to its toylike build and lack of manual controls.


What Windows 8 Needs Is Some New Furniture

Windows 8 looks slick, and it might work great with my existing hardware, but it won't work great with my existing computer desk if I want to take advantage of the touchscreen interface.

A Special Message From Your Camera's Mode Dial

When it comes to accessing some in-camera controls, a fancy touchscreen can't hold a candle to a good ol' mode dial. Here to tell you all about it is a mode dial.


Canon PowerShot Elph 500 HS Review: A Good Touchscreen Camera, With Caveats

We love the touchscreen-controlled Elph 500 HS's image quality, ultra-wide-angle-lens, and range of shooting modes. We're not so fond of its battery life and UI for manual controls.


Acer's Iconia Dual-Screen Laptop

The Acer Iconia is a $1,200 all-purpose laptop that’s being marketed as a “touchbook” due to its dual 14” touchscreen displays.


Display Tech to Watch This Year: Multitouch Catches Fire

Touch-screen panels have been around for more than a decade, but it was the 2007 introduction of a multitouch screen in Apple's iPhone that galvanized the...

The Future of Shopping: A Virtual Shoe Wall, Interactive Store Windows

Virtual walls of shoes and interactive shop window technology were on view at the CeBIT conference in Germany this week.

Apple Dominates Global Touch Screen Market, Competitors' Prices May Rise as Result

Apple has dominated 60 percent of the global touch screen market, causing its competitors to fight amongst each other for the scraps.