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Microsoft is Investigating Claims Patches Cause Windows 'Black Screen of Death'

Microsoft confirms that November's security updates triggered a black screen on some Windows users' PCs.

Troubleshoot Windows Remotely Over the Net

Microsoft's Internet-based remote-access tools let you quickly fix Windows problems on far-away PCs. Here's how to use them.

Speed Up Everything

Is your PC dragging? Does your broadband network creep along at dial-up speeds? Do Web pages take forever to load on your smartphone? Don't wait! These fixes will get you back into the fast lane.

Six iPhone Catastrophes — And How to Deal with Them

Here's a look at the six top daily dangers for your iPhone — and what to do when disaster strikes.


iMac Users Grumble About Performance Issues

According to posts on Apple's support forum, owners of new iMacs are suffering from performance problems, including extremely sluggish playback of Flash-based video.

Microsoft Touts Windows 7 Support, Despite Problems

Even as its engineers grapple with an "endless reboot" problem, Redmond toots its horn about 'Action Center,' Windows 7's automated troubleshooting system.


Stop Windows from Rebooting After Automatic Updates

Automated system updates: good. Automated rebooting to apply those updates: bad. Very, very bad. Here's how to stop it from happening.

BlackBerry 'Self-Service Module' Helps Users Help Themselves

BoxTone product aims to provide easy-to-access, step-by-step issue resolution instructions to users, so they can solve their own problems without calling on IT.

Automated Tool Tracks Business Hardware and Software

Network Inventory Advisor saves time from manually maintaining a list of PC software and hardware details, even alerting you if an employee makes a change.

Smartphone Tool Improves IT Response Time

Rove Mobile Admin could reduce your technology downtime by letting IT workers manage issues from a smartphone.