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UK Pay-Per-View Service Challenges Netflix

Now TV serves up fresh movies and sports as pay and play offerings worldwide in a challenge to Netflix and Viacom.


TechHive: The HDTV You'll Get For Your Money

A new 1080p HDTV will cost you anywhere from $500 to $11,000. In some cases, spending extra cash will go towards obvious differences. In other cases, you'll be paying for features you may not need.

Toshiba Fined $87 Million for LCD Price Fixing; Won't Pay a Penny

A jury in San Francisco Tuesday decided to fine Toshiba $87 million for colluding with other vendors to keep LCD prices artificially high.

GPS Alternative Developed By Defense Firm BAE Systems

The technology is being touted as a replacement for current technologies that rely on a relatively weak satellite signal that is vulnerable to disruption.

Google TV Armed With More Entertainment Options

Google at its I/O conference is emphasizing its growing number of music, movies, and TV shows available for Android tablets and smartphones.

Nexus Q Living Room Battle: Google vs. Apple TV vs. the Rest (Chart)

How does the Nexus Q compare against the current living room superstars such as Apple TV? Here is a feature rundown.


Sony, Panasonic to Team up to Mass-produce OLED TV Panels

Sony and Panasonic said Monday they will team up to create mass production technology for super-high resolution TVs based on OLED technology.


The Best Hardware Right Now

We asked our in-house hardware experts a simple question: What laptop, phone, HDTV, or other device would you recommend today? Here’s what they picked.


Sony, Panasonic May Partner on OLED TVs

Both firms are seeking something splashy after a tough year, and reports suggest they plan a partnership building OLED TV sets.


Sharp's New 90-Inch Set Is the Biggest LED HDTV You Can Buy

Sharp has the HDTV market cornered in terms of absolutely huge sets, with its latest entry being the 90-inch, LED-backlit, Wi-Fi-enabled LC-90LE745U.