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No Foolin' -- Find Tablet Bargains in April

Deal-finder site reports it's a good month for buyers of 55-inch TVs, Lapzillas, and ultrabooks.


Linksys Powerline Connections: Wired Without Wires

Powerline networks operate by sending a modulated carrier signal over your regular AC wiring.

Digital Displays Explained

AMOLED, IPS, PenTile, TFT…is the alphabet soup of display technologies giving you a headache? Our guide tells you what it all means.


Netflix Improves with New Apple TV

Users can now sign up for Netflix straight from an Apple TV and use iTunes billing, and stream movies and TV shows in full HD 1080p quality.


Apple's Announcements at a Glance

A new iPad, slick apps, and a rev of Apple TV made up the bulk of Apple's big announcements Wednesday.


Apple Unveils New Apple TV with 1080p Support, Updated UI

Apple unveiled a new Apple TV model on Wednesday, with support for 1080p video and a new user interface, at a special event in San Francisco.


Apple TV Shortages Fuel Rollout Rumors

The odds we'll see a new Apple TV at tomorrow's media event are better than 50 percent, but only just.


Apple's TV Troubles: Same Story Again and Again

Apple can't revolutionize TV, because cable companies won't get on board.

Changing the Face of TV: Video Streaming Gains Ground in U.S.

Streaming video is more popular than ever.


Samsung Downplays Apple's Rumored TV

Samsung's TV boss is making a classic mistake that Apple's rivals do all too often: He's looking at where the market is, not where it's going to be.