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Myspace Reinvents Itself, Pins Hopes on Myspace TV

Myspace TV will be built into new Panasonic televisions, and the service will include a social networking aspect.

Sony Shows Off 55-Inch Crystal LED HDTV

UPDATED WITH PHOTOS: Sony says the display delivers higher contrast, richer colors, better response time and a wider viewing angle than existing LCD and plasma high-definition televisions.


Dish Network's New DVR System Can Record 6 HD Shows Simultaneously

Dish Network takes DVRs to the next level with the ability to record six HD-quality shows at the same time.


Sharp Previews a New Mobile TV

Sharp showed off its Aquos Freestyle at CES 2012. It's a newly designed portable TV with handles that can be used to carry the small HDTV around and out of the home.


LG Introduces 84-Inch HDTV With Gesture Control and Built-In Wi-Fi, Streaming Capabilities

LG shows its large HDTV with voice, 3D gesture control, and built-in streaming at CES 2012.


CES 2012: Gadgets Parade Begins

CES 2012 is all about Ultrabooks, tablets, enormous HDTVs, and of course cool and quirky gadgets. Here's what's hot one day before the official gadget confab begins.


Samsung Announces Smarter, Slimmer HDTVs, Including 55-Inch Super OLED Display

Samsung showed off its new high-end HDTVs--including a 55-inch Super OLED set--- during Press Day at CES 2012.


Sharp Goes Big With 80-Inch, 3D LED TV at CES

Sharp flaunted a massive HDTV with a smart interface for accessing Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, and YouTube. And it went small, showing off its answer to mobile TV.


CES 2012: LG Wows with 55-inch OLED TV, 4G Android Phone, and Smart(er) TVs

LG unleashes an CES lineup including ultrathin OLED TV, 4G Android phone, and a new crop of smart TVs.


How Google and Apple Will Control TV

If you're not Google or Apple and are in the TV business, someone is going to eat your lunch within three years. Here's why.