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TV commercials get their volume turned down

Federal Communications Commission rules preventing commercials from being louder than other programming on Thursday went into effect.


Time Warner Cable implements $3.95 monthly cable modem fee

The company had provided the modems to customers at no extra charge in the past


Sony to start offering 4K content to consumers

It's the one thing TV makers don't highlight when gushing over the colors, detail and sharpness of pictures on their new higher-than-high-def televisions: how consumers can get suitable content into their homes and then onto the screen.


Do I have to worry about viewing angles when buying a HDTV?

Dhiren11 is considering buying a 3D HDTV, and asked the HDTV & Home Theater if a family of six can sit around it and all have a good view.


Ivy Bridge laptops top September electronics bargains

Now is the time to buy old iPhones, 55-inch HDTVs, and SSD drives, as deals accompany product introductions.

Sony's 4K TV: A First Look

The images are stunning, but sales are likely to be hampered by a high price and a lack of content.


4K TVs, Hybrid Tablets Top Trends at IFA in Berlin

Smartphones, large TVs, ultraportable hybrids and other new gadgets make their debut, but getting on board with some of these new trends comes at a cost.

HBO's CTO Skeptical Over Potential for 4K TV

The need for screen sizes bigger than 60 inches hampers the techlogy's chance for success.


Up Close With Sharp's Stunning IGZO Display Technology

The new technology will enter production this year and easily surpasses Apple's retina displays.

TechHive: Sony's First 4K HDTV Is an 84-inch Behemoth

Sony has announced a monstrous new TV with a pixel count four times that of existing HDTVs.