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Canonical misses Ubuntu smartphone crowdfunding goal by $19 million

Canonical raised only $12.8 million of the $32 million it wanted for the production of the Ubuntu-based Edge smartphone.

Ubuntu Edge campaign shatters the crowdfunding record, likely for naught

The most successful crowdfunding campaign ever is very likely to end up a resounding failure -- at least on paper.


Top 4 open-source PCs

Single board or "open-source" PCs have open designs that can be replicated by other hardware companies and are inexpensive to manufacture and fun to use.

Ubuntu Edge

Canonical lowers cost of Ubuntu smartphone in bid to reach crowdfunding goal

Canonical has lowered the price of its Ubuntu smartphone to $695 from $775 in a bid to reach its lofty $32 million crowdfunding goal in the next two weeks.

Ultimate goal for Ubuntu Edge phone may go beyond crowdfunding campaign

Pledges for the Ubuntu Edge -- the smartphone that doubles as a desktop -- flew hot and heavy over the first few days, and now Canonical has introduced lower pricing tiers. Even so, more than $27 million is left to be raised. What's the true goal here?

Canonical to crowdfund first batch of Ubuntu Edge phones

Canonical launches a crowdfunding campaign to build the original batch of its planned Ubuntu Edge devices.


Hacked Canonical Penguin

Canonical takes Ubuntu forums offline in wake of password breach

As for now the breach doesn't seem malicious as much as it is pointing out a security flaw.

Ubuntu logo

Verizon joins Ubuntu carrier advisory group

Verizon Wireless became the first U.S. carrier to join the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group, but it is not clear whether it will eventually promote phones running the open-source Ubuntu OS on its network.

Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu's Bug #1 report closed after almost nine years

The tongue-in-cheek bug report from 2004 complained that Microsoft owned more market share than Ubuntu. Ubuntu leader Mark Shuttleworth closed the report Thursday.

Dell's Alienware X51 on Ubuntu may aim for Steam Box status

Dell's diminutive Alienware X51 gaming desktop recently started shipping with Ubuntu Linux. Could it be the first PC anointed with Steam Box status?