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Samsung Series 5 Ultra: Slim and Stylish, but Not an Ultrabook

Although the Series 5 is a good ultraportable laptop, it's too thick and heavy to be an Ultrabook.

Intel Ivy Bridge Chips: Launch Dates Leaked

Should you buy a laptop now with a second-generation Intel Sandy Bridge processor or hold out for the next-generation chip? Here's a schedule of what's coming up and when.


HP Envy 14 Spectre Review: Beefing Up the Ultrabook

The Envy 14 Spectre offers a sleek look, a superb display, and an excellent touchpad. But you'll have to overlook the additional weight.

iPad vs. Ultrabook: Picking the Perfect Next-Gen Laptop

in Belize, an iPad proved the better product for communication, but for actually getting the job done a Toshiba Ultrabook won out.

Sony VAIO Chromebook Details Revealed

Someone still believes in Chromebook laptops. Documents filed with the FCC show that Sony is working on one.


Acer Aspire S3-951 Ultrabook, $799 Including $200 Coupon

The Microsoft Store is selling Acer's Aspire S3-951 ultrabook for only $799--plus it's throwing in a $200 coupon, and free shipping.

Ultrabooks in Pictures: The Newest, Thinnest, Lightest Laptops

Ultrabooks, a term coined by Intel, give name to the increasingly thin, light, fast and (relatively) cheap Windows laptops popping up over the last year in reaction to the Apple MacBook Air and the iPad-led tablet craze.

Asus Zenbooks to Get Major Upgrades

Asus' Zenbook Ultrabooks will reportedly get major upgrades in the next generation, including (optional) HD displays.

Tablets Won't Kill the PC, Just Replace It

Tablets won't kill the PC any more than notebooks or ultrabooks have. They're all just different form factors of "personal computer".


Acer Pushes Ultrabook to a 15-Inch Display, DVD

The Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 offers many features of mid-size laptops, including an optical drive, discrete graphics card, and large 15-inch display, but in a thin Ultrabook package.