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Apple Passes HP in "PC" Shipments--or Did It?

Company shipped 17% of PCs in the world in the fourth quarter of 2011--but what constitutes a PC?


PCs Are Selling Just Fine, Thank You

The demise of of the personal computer appears to be very much exaggerated.

Will Ultrabooks Slow the Tablet Revolution?

A new report suggests explosive growth for the nascent ultrabooks category over the next five years, but it may not be enough to put a dent in the tablet trend.

AMD's Ultrathin Set to Undercut Intel Ultrabooks by $200

AMD hopes to take down Intel's Ultrabooks on price, and is set to launch its platform for thin and light laptops in June.

Ultrabooks Pair with Cache SSDs for Speed, Value

Cache solid state drives are also a PC upgrader's dream, giving a cheap SSD speed boost at a budget and with little hassle.

CES 2012 Top Picks: Just the Best Gear, Gadgets, and Tech

Here is a collection of the the best of CES: The products, the themes, and some quirky meditations.


Worst of CES 2012: What Really Bugged Us About Tech's Largest Gathering

We didn't let massive monorail lines, overly slick PR pitches, gigantic crowds, and lack of sleep prevent us from pinpointing some the worst of CES 2012. In fact, it was pretty easy. Here's what we hated about this year's tech Lollapalooza.


Buyers Hang on for Cheaper, Faster Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are attracting admirers at the Consumer Electronics Show, but some attendees are waiting to buy the thin laptops until prices drop and Windows 8 is released.

Wacky and Wild Products at CES

Who wouldn't want an Internet-connected smart rabbit? Or maybe an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener?


Ultrabooks: 7 Ways They're Revolutionizing Mobile Computing

CES 2012 is all about the ultrabook. Is the ultrabook a revolutionary PC concept, or just an incremental evolution destined to fade away like the netbook?