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What CES 2012 Is About: Four Major Themes

CES 2012 is about catching up with Apple, swimming through a tidal wave of apps, mild disappointment, and wondering what the future of CES might be.


Toshiba Portege Z835 Ultrabook, $800

Lenovo has the Core i5 version of its 2.4-pound Portege Z835 Ultrabook on sale for only $800, with free shipping.

CES 2012: Gadgets Parade Begins

CES 2012 is all about Ultrabooks, tablets, enormous HDTVs, and of course cool and quirky gadgets. Here's what's hot one day before the official gadget confab begins.


An Early Look at the HP Envy 14 Spectre

HP expands its Envy line into a very attractive 14-inch Ultrabook, but is it thicker and heavier than the market expects?


Intel's Wave of Future Ultrabooks: Slim, With Touchscreen and Voice Recognition

Intel demonstrates touchscreen controls, voice recognition, and advanced graphics of their latest Ultrabooks.


Asus Launches Colorful, Slim Eee PC Flare Netbooks and $399 Ultraportable Laptop

Asus Monday announced several new models of netbooks with a new "Flare" design and an incredibly priced ultraportable laptop.

Hands-On Preview: Samsung Series 9 (2012 Model)

The laptop that preceded the Ultrabook craze is back, sleeker than ever.

Intel's Ultrabook Plan: Cheaper, With Touch Screens, and Marketed Like Crazy

Intel is pushing hard on the ultrabooks category, hoping to capture a little bit of the MacBook Air's glory.

Intel Says Future Ultrabooks Will Come With Touchscreens, Voice Recognition

Future ultrabook laptops will have touchscreens, voice recognition, longer battery life and lower prices, an Intel executive said Monday.


CES Parades Apple Rip-Offs

Catch the march of the clones in the showcase of ultralight laptops, tablets, cloud services, and other consumer wares by wannabes.