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Lenovo ThinkPad Twist review: A great business tool

The Twist has some flaws, but it does what it’s designed to do very well – it’s a great business-oriented tablet-Ultrabook hybrid.

Acer Aspire M5-481PT review: Jack of all trades, master of none

In the age of ultra-portability and high-end laptop performance Acer's Aspire M5-481PT feels just a bit too big, a bit too heavy, a bit too slow, and a bit too dull.

Asus delays Taichi dual-screen ultrabooks

Asustek has delayed U.S. shipments for its dual-screen Taichi ultrabooks, which were available for order from retail sites like Amazon, Newegg and TigerDirect.

Best Products of 2012: PCs, Ultrabooks, and Hybrids

PCWorld editors select the best systems—desktops, laptops, and hybrid portables—of 2012.

Ultrathin teardown! Asus ultrabook vs MacBook Air

Looking under the hood of two competing systems, we found considerable similarity in the way ultrathin laptops are sandwiched together.

Intel outlines our mobile future at IDF keynote

The company plots a future where Intel is inside everything.


Intel brings Siri-like voice commands to Ultrabooks

Voice recognition now fused into Ultrabooks

Western Digital's 5mm hybrid drives pave way for slimmer Ultrabooks

The hybrid drives have a capacity of 500 GB, and use “tiered storage” to try to mimic the performance of solid state drives.

Why Windows 8 hybrids won’t survive the test of history

They look like laptops but behave like tablets. Windows 8 hybrids attempt to do too much with too little, and they will ultimately lose relevance when pure tablets come into their own.

Intel to push mobility in fractured PC, tablet market

Intel will make a major mobile push at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum as the company tries to remain relevant in a tablet/smartphone world.