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35 New Ivy Bridge-powered Ultrabooks Coming Over Next 30 Days

Intel on Tuesday said more than 35 new Ultrabooks are available now or headed to store shelves in the next month.

Asus Windows 8 PCs--Innovative or Just Novel?

Asus unveiled some unique Windows 8 concepts at Computex 2012. They are certainly unique, but may lack practical value in the real world.

Asus Previews Hybrid Laptop-tablet Device and All-in-one PC

Asustek Computer unveiled a novel laptop-tablet design at the Computex trade show in Taipei on Monday, along with an all-in-one PC with a detachable monitor.

Sony VAIO T13: A Middle-of-the-Road Ultrabook

Sony's take on the Ultrabook is more mainstream than stripped-down, with solid if not stellar performance and a surprisingly reasonable price tag.

Windows 8, Price Drops to Accelerate Ultrabook Growth, Lenovo Says

While the viability of ultrabooks is being questioned, a Lenovo exec suggests Windows 8 and price drops will promote interest in laptop computing.

Lenovo Cracks $800 Price Barrier With New IdeaPad Ultrabooks

The IdeaPad U310 and U410 support Intel's new Core i3 and i7 processors code-named Ivy Bridge, which will provide longer battery life while making the laptops faster.

Intel Intros Dual-Core Ivy Bridge Chips; Releases Sneak Peek of Upcoming Ultrabooks

The chipmaker also ramps up the standards for Ultrabooks.


New Wave of Ultrabooks to Include 30 Touchscreen Models, Intel Says

A fresh crop of ultrabooks sporting Intel's latest "Ivy Bridge" Core processors will start to go on sale next month, including 30 models with touchscreens.

Windows 8, Ultrabooks to Get Top Billing at Giant Asia Trade Show

Microsoft Windows 8 and Intel-powered Ultrabooks are expected to take center stage at the Computex trade show in Taipei next week.

Mystery Dell XPS 14 Laptop Packs High-End Features in Ultrabook Form

An unannounced 14-inch Ultrabook has popped up on Amazon.