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Hands on with the new Razer Blade, a gaming Ultrabook thinner than a Macbook Air

Razer takes aim at the ultraportable market with the new Razer Blade, a 14-inch gaming laptop that's thinner and lighter than the Macbook Air.

Intel releases key details of its Atom redesign

The new SoC uses 3D transistors and will be assembled using a 22nm manufacturing process.


Dell's Linux laptop has good hardware, decent toolkit

Our Linux pros check out the decked-out XPS 13 'Developer Edition' laptop, preloaded with Ubuntu and other tools.

Intel lifts the veil on Haswell graphics

Intel's new CPUs will feature improved graphics—and a new brand at the end of the scale.

Intel's Haswell gets massive graphics performance boost

Intel is already teasing the graphics boost in Haswell, the next-gen series of chips due to launch in June.

Western Digital rolls out ultra-slim 5mm Ultrabook drives

If you want the thinnest of Ultrabooks but don't need a costly SSD, WD's new thin and slim 5mm hard drives—in standard and hybrid varieties—can save you both space and dough.

Windows 8 touch laptop prices to hit $200 by the holidays, Intel CEO says

Intel executives love to talk about how the next generation of PCs powered by Intel processors is going to be surprisingly cheap.

If demand for larger tablets erodes, can Ultrabooks take their place?

Ultrabook sales may be poised for a boost as more people give up larger tablets like the iPad in favor of 7-inch slates--but also want a larger screen to use for work.

Surface Pro vs. PC gaming: We torture test the tablet's gaming prowess

The Surface Pro has been advertised as a business machine, but that doesn't mean it can't play games. We take a look at just how well it handle itself when put through a few days of the average gaming machine.

Dell's 'Sputnik' Ubuntu Linux laptop gets a key upgrade

Now with a full HD display, this developer-focused machine will soon roll out in Europe as well.