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Thunderbolt drive shipments surge, but USB still reigns

Single disk drive shipments continue to surpass all other storage devices, such as RAIDed NAS systems, for personal data storage, while shipments of hardware with the Thunderbolt interface surged in the past year.

Finalized USB 3.1 spec doubles the speed of USB 3.0 to 10Gbps

Your file transfers are going to get a whole lot faster when USB 3.1 hardware hits the streets next year. But what about Thunderbolt?

How to add USB 3.0 to your desktop PC

The latest external hard drives offer USB 3.0 connectivity, but older desktops don't. Here's an easy and inexpensive remedy.

How to upgrade your external hard drive to USB 3.0

If your PC has USB 3.0 ports, you can get a big speed boost by relocating your external drive to a faster enclosure.

Next-gen USB SuperSpeed to eliminate power cords

USB SuperSpeed will move from 5Gbps bandwidth to 10Gbps in the coming year, but it's also leaping from 10 watts to 100 watts for charging, which could power monitors and even HDTVs.


Products with faster USB speeds to reach market in 2014

Products based on a USB specification that will double the data transfer rates between host devices and peripherals will reach the market in late 2014, the standards-setting organization said on Thursday.

Much faster USB transfer speeds in the works

In the future, PCs and mobile devices connected to peripherals via USB ports will be able to transfer data at twice the speed possible today.


PQI Bring The Speed With 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drives

PQI offer portable and speedy storage with new range of USB 3.0 flash drives.


Asus Debuts First USB 3.0 Motherboard

Asus debuts the worlds first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 motherboard, dubbed the Asus Xtreme Design P7DP55DE-E Premium.


American USB 3.0 HDD Debut To Come Courtesy Of Dane-Elec

New external hard-disk and solid-state USB 3.0 drives from Dane-Elec will be first of its type to hit the US.