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59 terrific tools for getting your work done, finding great deals, planning a trip, keeping yourself entertained, and more.


The 15 Best Free Business Tools, Apps, and Services of 2012

LogMeIn, OmmWriter Dana I, CloudOn, and other no-cost programs and Web services can improve your productivity and keep your workday running smoothly.

The Best Free Stuff of 2012: Alphabetical List

Here's the complete list of all 59 programs, mobile apps, and Web services in our 17th annual roundup of the best free stuff available online.


The 12 Best Free Mobile Apps for Commuters, 2012 Edition

With Waze, NextBus, WeatherBug, and other no-cost phone apps, you can avoid traffic jams or make the most of your time on public transit.

The 6 Best Free Shopping Apps, Web Services, and Tools of 2012

Eager to find bargains online, but worried about missing deals or protecting your payment information? Look to ScoutMob, Dashlane, and other no-cost tools.

10 PC Apps to Increase Your Business Productivity

We've selected 10 indispensable PC apps to help you work smarter--not harder.

Free SlimCleaner 3.0 Is Accurate, Light, and Easy on the Eyes

SlimCleaner is a very comprehensive set of system cleaning utilities.

Free Utility Roadkil's Disk Wipe Just Wipes Disks--And That's Enough

Wipe your hard drives and flash drives with tiny but effective DiskWipe.

Examine Differences Between Files With Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is a solid commercial diff utility.

Create Amazing Presentations With Impress.js

You can use Impress.js to create presentations that blow slide shows out of the water--if you can code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.