Don't-Miss Stories

Examine Differences Between Files With Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is a solid commercial diff utility.

Create Amazing Presentations With Impress.js

You can use Impress.js to create presentations that blow slide shows out of the water--if you can code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Get the Best of Firefox 4 With Status-4-Evar

Restore some of the information lost in the name of Spartan interfaces with Status-4-Evar.

Add Slide Shows to WordPress Sites With SlideDeck

SlideDeck 2 for WordPress lets you create beautiful slide shows that pull in content from all over the web.

Quickly Access Nonstandard Characters With Free Holdkey

Keyboard utility Holdkey makes it easier to enter extended and nonstandard characters.

MojoMotor: Easy-to-Use Website Content Management System

MojoMotor is a simple and affordable content management system for small websites.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Has an Extremely Large Variety of Benchmarks

AIDA64 sleuths your system's secrets … for a price.

Super Win Menu Puts All Your Programs in One Place

Handy, if pricey, Super Win Menu eliminates all that tunneling through submenus required by the Windows Start Menu.

Switch Windows Users with Just One Click

Freeware utility Fast User Switch saves you the hassle of extra clicks for something as basic as switching users.

GoodSync: Most Powerful Syncing Solution on the Planet?

Powerful syncing program GoodSync works locally, across the Internet, with online services, and with mobile devices.