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FCC might make carriers say how well they performed in disasters

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission may seek to make carriers reveal how well their networks withstood major natural disasters so that consumers can compare rival providers.


HTC Droid DNA review: Stellar screen, bad battery life

The HTC Droid DNA boasts an impressive screen but suffers from bad battery life.


Verizon will throttle repeat offenders in anti-piracy effort

Verizon customers suspected of copyright infringement will be warned, then their access slowed, in the ISP's plan under the Copyright Alert System. Other ISPs are starting to reveal their plans to alert and possibly prosecute offenders.

Verizon says fixing Sandy's damage to wired services may take weeks

Consumers in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy may not get wired phone, Internet and video service back for as long as two weeks, Verizon Communications warned, while the FCC reported continued slow progress by carriers in restoring mobile coverage.

Sandy slams mobile, wired and cable networks as far west as Michigan

Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy knocked out mobile, phone and cable service in many parts of the eastern U.S. on Monday, with about one in four cell sites affected in the hardest-hit band of the country between Virginia and Massachusetts, according to an FCC estimate.


Isis mobile payment system for Android finally launches

After months of delays, the tap-to-pay mobile payment system owned by AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon Wireless goes live in Austin and Salt Lake City.


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Downloaders noteā€”ISP Copyright Alert System rollout begins

Internet service providers are now rolling out a system to warn or punish users who download and share copyrighted content.


Verizon Wireless raises privacy ire over data collection

Verizon says data-gathering does not violate Wiretap Act because the data cannot be linked to a single customer, but advocates are crying foul.


U.S. customers pay more for LTE data, report says

European customers pay less for LTE data than their U.S. counterparts, Wireless Intelligence reports.

Verizon to reach 410 cities with LTE next week

Verizon Wireless said it will launch faster LTE wireless service in 21 cities on Oct. 18, reaching a total of 410 markets two months ahead of schedule.