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Droid Razr M Review: Great specs at a great price

After spending some time with the newly announced Droid Razr M, Armando Rodriguez finds it to be a top notch Android smartphone and the best phone around for budget-minded buyers.


tether guide

The ultimate Android tethering guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about tethering on your Android phone.

Lessons from the road: Don't expect mobile hotspots to save you

During my epic cross-country road trip I thought I'd get work done by connecting over 3G or 4G from the road. Boy, was I mistaken.

Mobile Payment System Isis Looks Set for September Debut

The Isis service for paying for goods and services via smartphone initially will be available in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas.


Verizon Spectrum Deal Approved by FCC With Conditions

UPDATE: The amount of wireless spectrum Verizon, T-Mobile, and other companies hold directly affects the speed, reach and strength of wireless service that can be offered to consumers.

New iPhone Expected to Hit Store Shelves on Sept. 21

Verizon Wireless employees will reportedly begin a vacation blackout Sept. 21, leading to speculation that that's when Apple's new phone will come out.


T-Mobile, MetroPCS Roll Out Unlimited Data Plans

The plans are truly unlimited, with no data caps or throttling of download speeds taking place.

Verizon Wireless Reveals $150 20GB Shared Data Plan, and Four Others

Verizon Wireless Tuesday revealed that there are five additional data tiers over and above the six tiers announced with its Share Everything plans earlier.

Verizon to Allow Third-Party Tethering Apps on Android Phones

The FCC has determined that Verizon is not allowed to prevent its customers from downloading third-party tethering apps and circumventing the carrier's extra $20 tethering charge.


Comcast Rolls Out 305 Mbps Internet Service, Fueled by Verizon FiOS

The new speed offerings underscore the need for there to be more competition in the cable TV and Internet service space.