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How to add video and images to Your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn's newest feature lets you showcase professional achievements by uploading presentations, documents, images and video to your profile. Here are step-by-step instructions for improving your LinkedIn brand.

Mozilla teams up for new JavaScript video codec that eliminates need for plug-ins

The Mozilla Foundation and graphic rendering technology company Otoy have built a video codec, written with JavaScript and WebGL, that would eliminate the need for using plug-ins to view video in a browser.


D-Link publishes beta patches for IP camera vulnerabilities

D-Link has published beta patches for vulnerabilities in the firmware of many of its IP surveillance cameras, which could allow a hacker to intercept a video stream.

The best Boston marathon video was shot by amateurs

Boston Marathon bystanders uploaded smartphone footage of Monday's bombings to social networks with the help of Vine and YouTube.


Massive citizen smartphone photo and video probe underway into Boston bombings

Following the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, investigators mounted a massive investigation that includes close scrutiny of digital photos and videos taken about the time of the blasts from citizen smartphones and area surveillance cameras.


The VCR's legacy shines brightly at YouTube and Aereo

YouTube's VHS emulator adds a fun VCR-inspired dash to streaming videos, but Betamax's legacy forms the very root of Aereo's business.

Review: Amara is a Web-based service that lets anyone transcribe and translate online video

Once the domain of trained professionals, Amara tries to put the process of video transcription, subtitling and translation within reach of everyone.

Phantom flying drone captures stunning, stable video

A new stabilization system for the Phantom remote-controlled flying drone helps it capture stunning landscapes and maneuver in tight spaces.


Flying drone captures stunning, stable video

Aerial videography company DJI introduced a new stabilization mechanism for its Phantom quadricopter that allows it to capture professional video. 2

Pocket Cinema Camera offers film look for less than $1000

The $995 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera will let content producers get the sort of cinematic look that usually comes from higher-priced equipment.


Pocket Cinema Camera offers film look, sub-$1000 price tag

The $995 handheld camera will let content producers get a cinematic look, typically achieved using much higher priced equipment.

Game of Thrones creators say piracy doesn't harm profits

HBO's "Game of Thrones" is the most-pirated show on the Net, but the series' creators say all the sharing isn't affecting DVD sales.