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Speech recognition, the new PC power tool

Move over, Siri: Nuance's speech-activated Dragon Assistant is coming to selected new Ultrabooks. Speech recognition isn't just for challenged typists anymore. Learn how the Dragon software family can make you more productive every day.

Intel's developing perceptual computing chips to help PCs hear, see, and feel

The head of Intel's perceptual computing group says that functions like speech, gestures, and recognition will take advantage of Intel's existing microprocessors, but require dedicated chips as well.

IBM POWER8 roadmap

IBM's Watson could get even smarter with Power8 chip

IBM disclosed some of the tchnical details of its Power8 chip on Monday, with the expectation that technologies like "Watson" will get even better.

Nuance's Dragon Assistant starts obeying your every word on select AIOs and Ultrabooks

Voice controls on the desktop are just another step towards Intel's 'perceptual computing' vision—and another way to add value to struggling PCs.

Google adds voice recognition tools to Google Search

Voice-recognition tools found in Google Now are now available in Google Search.

Clockwise podcast logo

Clockwise Podcast 1: Siri wins the lottery

Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Jason Cross, and Lex Friedman launch a new podcast and discuss smartwatches, Windows Phone, voice control, and the App Store at 5.


Out for a ride with Dragon's Driver Mode for Android

The Dragon Mobile Assistant app recently updated with a voice command mode. Jared Newman takes it for a drive to test Dragon's conversation skills.


Microsoft's Bing searches for pizza

Bing voice search improves accuracy, speed

In 2012, Microsoft's Rick Rashid blew an Asian audience away with a live translation of his speech, into Mandarin. On Monday, Bing added some of that technology to Bing Voice Search.

Review: Dragon Notes lets you try out Nuance's speech recognition engine at low cost

Dragon Notes bills itself as a sticky-note app with voice recognition, but really, it's little more than a demo for Nuance's voice recognition prowess.

Google Conversational Search

Google improves desktop voice search in new Chrome update

Google introduced its new Conversational Search feature with the Chrome 27 update, heralding a new age of asking the computer silly questions.