Don't-Miss Stories

Microsoft Impresses -- Really -- with TellMe Voice Text and Search

This "hands-off" texting feature, first on Samsung's Intrepid, could come actually in handy.

Google Voice App Headed for Blackberry, Android: Report

Google will be launching a version of its Google Voice phone service for Blackberry and Android handsets.


Bark Orders at Your PC--And Have It Obey Them--With HAL Ultra Assistant

Talk yourself organized with this conversational artificial intelligence program.

Star Trek-like Universal Translator a Step Closer

Firms merge to build mobile voice, text translation app (See video below)

Hands On With Google Voice--This Is Really Cool

We review Google's long-awaited Google Voice phone management service that finally became available this week to a lucky few.


Mouse, R.I.P.

New technologies threaten to render pointing and clicking obsolete. Here's a gallery of alternatives to the mouse.

Report: iPhone 3.0 May Include Voice Recognition

If you talk to (not just into!) your iPhone, a possible upcoming enhancement may be useful.

Voice Recognition Included in iPhone OS 3.0

Another hidden feature has been discovered in the latest beta of Appleā€™s new iPhone OS.


Snom Hopes Touch Will Improve VoIP Usability

VoIP phone maker Snom is jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon with the introduction of the 870 handset.

Jott Voicemail to E-Mail

Jott's latest offering, which transcribes voice messages into e-mail, has a few convenient features--and a few limitations.