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Nexus Tablet Expected Within 6 Months

Google guns for Apple with high quality tablet, voice recognition rival, and more, Schmidt teases.


Siri Helps Santa in Apple's Christmas iPhone 4S Ad

Apple swings into Christmas gear with iPhone 4S ad that features Santa Claus recruiting Siri as his latest little helper.


Apple Gives Siri Hackers a Break

The filesystem encryption keys are obtainable in iPhone 4S -- perhaps only temporarily -- but long enough to offer access to hacks.


10 Tech Wins of 2011

Among the high-profile flops, some companies managed to find success this year.


Android in 2012: What’s Next

Better graphics, better cameras, and maybe even a voice-command feature (like Siri in the latest Apple iOS iteration)--all could be on the horizon for Internet search leader Google.


5 Tips for Using Apple's Siri Without Annoying People

You can enjoy Siri and practice good etiquette at the same time.


Apple Defends Siri's Naiveté

Apple answers criticism from human rights organizations about Siri's failure to understand queries about birth control and abortion.

Is Siri Against Abortion? Apple Says No

The fact that the voice-recognition assistant on the iPhone 4S can't tell you where to find an abortion clinic is a glitch, Apple says.


After a Month, Siri Finds Her Voice

Despite widespread availability, voice control never gained traction because the effort required to get it to work right wasn't worth it for most people.

Siri's Vocals are Six Years Old

A voice-over artist reveals he is the voice of the iPhone 4S personal assistant, and made the recordings six years ago.