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Amazon Acquires Voice Recognition Firm, Fueling Siri Speculation

Everyone is wondering whether the online retailer is getting ready to produce a voice command service such as Apple's Siri or Google's Voice Actions for Android.

Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

The Android Market has lots of Siri-like voice-activated assistant apps (most of them free) that use Google’s excellent voice recognition system. They’re not as slick as Apple’s virtual flunky, but some are worth trying.


Siri as Google Challenger: Sorting Fact from Fiction

The iPhone's voice-activated information retrieval tool might appear a rival to the search giant, but often Siri and Google work in tandem.


Siri Goes Down For a Day; Apple Says Network Outages Are Possible

Users found Siri unable to connect to the network even though their phones had network connection.


Speech Recognition Through the Decades: How We Ended Up With Siri

People are impressed with the iPhone 4S's Siri, but how did such sophisticated speech recognition technology come to be? It started back in the 1950s.


Apple's Siri Speaks Also on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G

A pair hacks the audio "personal assistant" to become nearly fully functional on some other iOS devices.


What Makes Siri Special?

With its combination of advanced artificial intelligence and sharp wit, Apple’s virtual assistant may kick off an explosion of new voice recognition applications.


What Google's Rubin Doesn't Understand about Siri

Android chief Andy Rubin says your smartphone shouldn't be your personal assistant, but he may be underestimating the power of Siri.

Siri's Security Hole: The Passcode Is the Problem

For Apple's Siri voice recognition to be both secure and useful when locked, we need ways to access the phone other than a passcode.


Five Things Apple Needs to Do to Improve Siri

Siri and I are still forming the foundation of our budding relationship, but already I have discovered a handful of things that I would like to see changed or improved for the next release of Siri.