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Android Boss Knocks Siri

Head of Android says people just don't want to talk to their phones.


Apple's Siri has Rival in Sensory

Speech recognition tools draw the spotlight with Apple's pending release of Siri, but startup Sensory "hears" even in noisy environments.


Google Maps Adds Voice Search to Chrome Desktop

Google has added voice search for Google Maps to Chrome, offering users a (sometimes) faster way to get directions.

System-Wide Voice Recognition in iOS 5: New Details Revealed

Apple-watchers spot some signs that voice recognition is coming, and that Apple wants your help refining it.


iOS 5 May Get Text-to-Speech Function

Screen shots of Apple's unreleased operating system reveal a microphone icon that hints of voice recognition functions.


Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Professional Makes Your iPhone a Wireless Microphone

New voice commands and the ability to turn an iPhone into a dictation tool highlight the latest version of Nuance's speech-recognition software.

Patents Hint of iOS 5 Voice Input Support

New published patents give a glimpse of how rumored voice control system in iOS 5 could work.


Connected Cars: Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

Satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi connections are opening up new worlds of applications and content for the automobile.


3 Free Voice-Recognition Apps for the iPad

Check out these free apps that sport voice-recognition in one form or another.


Google Adds Voice Search to Chrome Browser

You can now speak your queries